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The Importance of Pond Aeration

Keeping the Pond Water Oxygen at the Right Level

Pond aerator is an important machine used for keeping the pond water oxygen at the right level. Additional oxygen in pond is needed to keep the fish in good condition. Owners install filtration system or other methods of aeration like a waterfall. The problem is if these systems fail then the oxygen level of the water goes down drastically and the aquatic life dies. The aerator helps avoid such an eventuality. The machine used for aeration can also be used for creating water movement so the water is not stagnant. This eliminates the need for having a waterfall. Many pond owners also install pond fountains as an adequate substitute for farm pond and fish aerators.

The pond aerator is selected according to specific requirements.

The size of the pond and the depth at which the aerator is installed are two main factors that determine what type of aerator should be installed. Owners should ensure only an aerator with check valve is installed. The valve ensures the water is not sucked back into the machine when there is a power failure. Any such incident can damage the electrical components of the machine. The aerator should be used only for aerating the water and only as recommended by the manufacturer.

If keeping the aquatic environment in healthy condition is important then installing a pond aerator is necessary. Installation of this device is recommended especially if it is a small pond or the pond has muck at its bottom. The presence of algae can be a big problem for a pond. Development of algae can be controlled to a great extent if the pond water is kept aerated. This type of machine is especially important during the summer months when the water oxygen level goes down considerably because of warm environment. Without proper aeration, the pond water becomes stagnant. This results in very low level of oxygen in water, which in turn can kill the fish. It is better to install an aerator for pond and solve these problems.

Many pond owners do not want to install the aerators themselves. If this is the case then their are several likely options for you locally even if you do not have a pond maintenance company in your area. Often times plumbers, electricians and landscapers can take on these type of projects. We have found that landscapers can be your best bet, especially in the off season. If you are in the South Louisiana area we recommend Earth Doctor Landscaping.

New Pond Owners Should Educate Themselves on the Benefits of Pond Aeration

The Joys of Pond Ownership

Today more and more people are experiencing the joys of pond ownership. This is largely due to the construction of homes in new developments. Often times dirt is needed to build up the pad or foundation that the house is to be built upon and digging upon is the most affordable way to do this. Many first pond owners think that having a pond or lake in the backyard is relatively low maintenance. Well in one sense that is true, but some ponds can require a lot of upkeep. However, if you have the proper equipment at the beginning then you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

That is why I aim to educate the new pond owner in the implementation of powder coated windmill pond aerators. This one piece of equipment is worth its weight in gold when it comes to owning a low maintenance pond. Yes you will have to invest in equipment that can be somewhat expensive, but you will have a beautiful body of water in your backyard that you won’t have to constantly treat with chemicals. Furthermore, you may not have to hire potentially expensive pond experts to come and “fix” your pond or lake.

Help You Control Algae Blooms in your Pond

Pond Aeration will help you control algae blooms in your pond, it will curb unwanted vegetation and keep your pond looking healthy and clean. Think of it as an immune system for your pond. Also if you take proper care of the aeration system then it can last for many years.

Don’t take my word for it, do your own research on the topic. I have found many great websites on the topic, but the folks at have the most comprehensive library of articles on their blog.